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The Cape Cod Dance Center produces multiple performances a year: an annual Nutcracker performance in Bourne, a Nutcracker Gala in Falmouth, a spring ballet performance in June, a performance showcasing a medley of dance styles also in June, and a Summer Choreography Project at the dance center in August. Tickets for the events can be purchased online.

Cape Cod Dance Center Presents

The Nutcracker

This will be Cape Cod Dance Center’s 23rd annual performance of the holiday classic "The Nutcracker." The ballet production, directed and choreographed by studio owner Eveline Carle, has been a part of the studio’s holiday tradition for over two decades. With a cast of over 80 members, including professional dancers, alumnae and students enrolled in Ms. Carle’s ballet program, the Christmas fantasy is captivating for the whole family. 

The Cape Cod Dance Center’s production is not only exquisitely performed, it is also very entertaining. Ms. Carle unique version of the ballet is filled with humor from the first scene of the ballet in the sprightliness of the Party Scene, to the amusing cooks who bring giant-sized cakes to Clara—the lead character—as she enters the magical "Land of the Sweets." 

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Cape Cod Dance Center Presents

Canada Nutcracker

We returned from our second year taking part in the Nutcracker experience in Sherbrook (Quebec) Canada. Once again, we had the opportunity to perform at the Centennial Theater in Sherbrook, a full size theater, with the Ensemble de Vent de Sherbrook, a full wind orchestra, alongside the Ballets Classiques de Richmond, directed by Cynthia Pigeon. Here was the packet for all the dancers taking part in the event for the Nutcracker Season 2017.  

Cape Cod Dance Center Presents

Sleeping Beauty

More information about our 2019 Spring Ballet soon!

Cape Cod Dance Center Presents

Summer Choreography Project

The Summer Choreography Project is a collaborative event presented each year at the Cape Cod Dance Center studio.
The project was created to provide a venue for young performing artists to engage in the performing art locally and present their work in a non-competitive environment. The project is directed by studio owner Eveline Carle. This diverse and inspiring performance incorporates a variety of dance styles, such as jazz, tap, modern, contemporary, and neoclassical.
Audience members will be invited to write critical comments and personal perspectives to share with the dancers and choreographers after the performance. A short question and answer session will be held after the hour long presentation for those interested in hearing more about the creative process.